Changes to your Sky TV

From July 2019, Condition 10 has changed so that you are no longer obligated to display your Sky license at your premises; however you must ensure that there is adequate content protection technology enabled from the Sky Box(es) to the Points or end device(s) on which your Sky TV is received and exhibited, including digital rights management or high-bandwidth digital content protection approved by Sky.

From 26 September 2018, if your Sky TV service is suspended due to unauthorised use of your Viewing Card(s), or to protect the security of Sky's conditional access system, or any payment being overdue, pursuant to Condition 9.4 of the standard Sky TV terms and conditions Sky may charge you a reconnection fee to start receiving your Sky TV service again. If a re-connection fee is payable, Sky will tell you the amount of this fee before charging you. The re-connection fee that will apply from 26 September 2018 is £40/€45.