Protecting your investment in Sky Sports

We take illegal use of our programming very seriously because it’s important to ensure our legitimate Sky subscribers are not left short changed. The only legal way to show Sky Sports programming in Licensed premises in mainland UK is through a valid commercial viewing agreement from Sky Business.


The pint glass icon

Legitimate Sky Business commercial subscribers will see a pint glass icon appear on their TV screen from time-to-time. The lack of this can reveal who is ‐ and most importantly, who is not ‐ showing Sky legally.


Contact us about theft

Sky takes theft very seriously. If you know of a business that you believe shows Sky without the appropriate Sky commercial viewing agreement, you can call us in confidence.

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What action do we take against businesses showing Sky Sports illegally?

We have established field teams to actively detect unauthorised showing of Sky Sports. This illegal activity can result in licensees being fined, having to pay legal costs and/or losing their personal licence.


Unauthorised foreign broadcasts

Licensees who broadcast Premier League matches via unauthorised foreign channels to the public risk having legal action taken against them for infringing the Premier League’s copyright. If you know of a business showing Premier League matches via a foreign satellite system, you can report this directly to the Premier League’s appointed investigation agency, ID Inquiries, on 0845 434 5055 or here.