Pay Per View standard terms and conditions for Sky Business subscribers

1. Event

(a) To purchase an Event, you must be a current subscriber under a Sky Subscription Agreement ("Agreement").

Subject to these Conditions, we will supply to you any Event that you order and you are permitted to receive it

via your Sky Box and Viewing Card.

(b) If the Event is made up of a number of events, we can change the events package. We may change the time at

which any Event is shown, and if so we will advertise the changed time on air. We can cancel or withdraw any

Event, in which case you will not be charged for it.

(c) Sky may refuse your order for any Event in its reasonable discretion.

(d) Sky may terminate the contract in respect of any Event (after Sky has accepted your order) if at any time

(i) you have not made any payment which is due to Sky; or

(ii) you have broken any of these Conditions; or

(iii) you have broken any of the terms and conditions of your Agreement.

(e) Delays in validating your Viewing Card may arise if bookings are made within five hours of an Event start time.

(f) Purchase of and payment for the Event entitles you to receive only the Event on these Conditions and no other

event, film or programme (whether offered on Sky Box Office, ITV Box Office or otherwise).

2. Payments

(a) Payment for the Event will be payable by you by way of the same payment method as Subscription Payments

under your Agreement (and you consent to all such payments being charged under your payment instruction) or,

if Sky elects to permit this, by one-off credit card payment.

(b) We may from time to time assess your credit standing using credit scoring and may use information from outside

agencies for this. Sky will apply reasonable practices for administering your account based on the result of that scoring.

(c) You may cancel an order for an Event not less than five hours before the start time of the Event. Once ordered,

you are liable to pay for any Event (unless such Event is cancelled in accordance with these Conditions)

irrespective of whether you watch any or all of such Event.

3. Liability

Subject to any applicable statutory rights, we shall not be liable to you because of any failure to provide an Event for reasons

outside our reasonable control or because of anything for which we have excluded liability under the Agreement.

4. Copying and Redistribution

(a) You must not redistribute and/or re-broadcast or cause, enable and/or permit any other person to redistribute

or rebroadcast the Event or any part of it for any reason whatsoever or exhibit the Event save in accordance with

the terms of your Agreement.

(b) You must not make any charge for viewing of any Event nor exhibit any Event in public in circumstances where

the audience has paid for admission to the place where the Event is to be seen or heard.

(c) Sky may prevent the copying (for example by video) of any Event. This may be by including signals in the

broadcast of an Event which prevent copying of that Event. Sky may also disable or alter remotely certain

functions of your Sky Box so as to prevent you copying an Event and Sky may prevent you from receiving Events

if your Sky Box allows copying of Events which Sky is bound by contract to prevent.

5. Miscellaneous

(a) These Conditions apply only to customers whose Premises are in the United Kingdom of Great Britain, Northern

Ireland, Channel Islands and Isle of Man or Republic of Ireland.

(b) All terms and conditions of your Agreement relating to Viewing Cards, liability, copying, copyright, Marks, notices,

transfer, geographical status, VAT, agency, set off and law are incorporated in these Conditions to the extent that

they are consistent with them.

(c) Certain Events may not be available to all subscribers in all formats. Sky will make this clear when the relevant Event is offered.

(d) Terms used in these Conditions and not defined shall bear the meanings given to them in your Agreement.